Precision was the brief

Holcim is a company with its headquarters in Switzerland, the watchmakers’ capital of the world, where precision is a prerequisite. So with that being the criteria, it chose Australian branding specialist company RGI to rebrand its fleet of newly acquired concrete agitators and bulk tippers in Australia.

The most challenging procedure was the complexity of the concrete agitator barrels’ branding, particularly the fact that some barrels differed in dimension and therefore inconsistency in curvature, without compromising the pattern, all had to conform strictly in the detail of application and colour to Holcim’s rigid design specifications throughout the fleet.

RGI principal, David Rice says, “Initially we worked closely with Holcim’s marketing and branding team to perfect their requirements and keep our application hours at a minimum. The result was a win all round with both parties extremely happy with the results.”

David went on to say, “Because we are producing and crafting a client’s image, it is essential to work as closely as possible with the client in order to understand their business and to promulgate their message in the most effective and economical manner possible.”

Because of RGI’s national installer network, it has been able to brand Holcim’s agitators and tippers around the country at an extremely efficient and effective pace, so that the Holcim name and brand colours are in front of its customers from the west coast, through to the centre and right along the eastern seaboard of Australia almost simultaneously.

Holcim’s core business is the manufacture and distribution of cement, and the production, processing and distribution of aggregates (crushed stone, gravel and sand), ready-mix concrete and asphalt.

It is a global company employing some 71,000 people, with production sites in around 70 countries. With a market presence on every continent, Holcim is more globally spread than any other building materials group.

With the company having a global presence it is important to brand the product consistently in every region. Subsequently after the success of RGI’s Australian program and with the experience gained, Holcim has appointed RGI to continue spreading the message – so far in around 13 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Latin– and South America.

“In my past experience I have not encountered a sign company like Rice Graphic Images. RGI certainly set the global benchmark in terms of signage and in particular vehicles branding. The co-operation with RGI added considerable value to our business throughout their undisputable customer orientation and their commitment to deliver innovative solutions.”

Elmar Muehleder – Head of Brand Management and Marketing Communication

Holcim Group Support Lld, Hagenholzstrasse 85, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland